MAR 2022
Víctor Artola for Iberian Lawyer: "making ONTIER the number one in M&A is our challenge"

Víctor Artola for Iberian Lawyer: "making ONTIER the number one in M&A is our challenge"


ONTIER's M&A co-head Víctor Artola has been interviewed by Iberian Lawyer magazine, which has chosen him as its Young & Unstoppable this month

Asked about what he considers the most challenging aspect of his current job at ONTIER, he says that it is having to 'combine many things at the same time, right now the issue of co-management or directing an area, forces you to combine three different duties. On the one hand, team management, people, organisation, and on the other, commercial relations. The office trains you from the beginning about what it is like to work with a client and how to attract clients in the best way. The technical part is also really valuable. Having technical skills, hands-on commitment and problem-solving skills. If you want to combine those three things when you need to divide your time, either you have a good team or it's impossible.'

Víctor Artola tells Iberian Lawyer that a few years ago he could not have imagined being where he is today, but that 'law firm life goes very fast. I have also been very lucky. First of all, the fact that the firm is committed to me and to young people. In that sense, the firm's commitment to talent is brutal. There is a lot of work from the whole team that is rewarded. Working with Jorge Perujo is a brutal gift, and we can lead a department together. In five years I see myself leading the department to become a 'number one' in the world of M&A. I think we are very well positioned, but we want to grow. ONTIER's competitive strategy is closely linked to the firm's commitment to Latin America and to all the offices we have abroad; it is to be global. Becoming number one in the sector, together with the global approach, working all over the world, is our challenge.'

On what it is like to work at ONTIER, he says that 'when you surround yourself with the right people, who combine personality and know how to get things done, together with a management team that has a very clear strategy, it becomes very easy. What we do with Jorge is to adapt to the strategy, the firm helps us a lot and in that sense, we do our best every year to continue growing.'

Víctor Artola shares his experience at Iberian Lawyer and offers some advice to younger lawyers. 'Languages are essential and a perfect command of English is very important. Also the ability to work hard. Here nobody gives anything away, there are no secrets in the formula to get what you want. You need to be willing to work hard and above all, study. Lastly, the ability to adapt. You need to adapt to the environment, to the people you work with, to the situations. I think this is extremely important. Knowing how everyone works is very important to generate a connection. Every client is different and works in a different way and if you have the ability to adapt internally, you will be able to do the same with the client.'

Regarding the immediate challenges for ONTIER, Víctor Artola believes that 'the prospects for the future are very good. We have started the year well, we have different business and work channels and we are very much looking forward to multiplying what we have sown in 2021. There is a subject that we are very much committed to in the department, which is the SPACs, something we have been working on for a long time and that could fully bloom this year, we have several clients who are in a starting position.'

We are very proud of our young and unstoppable Víctor Artola.

The full interview can be downloaded here