SEP 2018
Meet the Chosen Candidates of #ONTIERNoEsLoMismo
Left to right: Álvaro Vidal, Rocío Gutiérrez-Barquín, Jaime Hornillos and Paula Rubio, four of the chosen candidates of the Talent School.

Meet the Chosen Candidates of #ONTIERNoEsLoMismo


30 candidates made it to the #ONTIERNoEsLoMismo Talent School held in July in Oviedo. They shared a really intense and rainy weekend in the city, facing several challenges and tests to show their personal and professional skills. Their purpose? Becoming part of ONTIER.

Only six of them were chosen to join the offices of ONTIER in Madrid and Oviedo. They are Paula Rubio, Junior Corporate Lawyer; Rocío Gutiérrez-Barquín, Junior Corporate Lawyer; Jaime Hornillos, Junior Real Estate Lawyer; Álvaro Vidal, Junior IT&IP Lawyer; Victoria Rocha, Junior General Lawyer in Oviedo; and Nieves González, who will be joining the Madrid office next October 1st.

They were chosen by the jury of the Talent School, which comprised both ONTIER employees and clients of the firm. Two of the chosen candidates, Álvaro Vidal and Victoria Rocha, were already working at ONTIER and therefore got a promotion within the firm.