Corporate and Commercial

Our Corporate and Commercial team provides practical and commercial advice to assist entrepreneurs, investors and directors on all aspects of corporate transactions – both domestic and international.

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Our clients come to us at every stage of a company’s life cycle, from seed capital to development capital and eventual exit, either through sale or IPO. We understand that progress and success will always involve a level of risk-taking and we work closely with our corporate clients to help them achieve success whilst managing risk to a comfortable level.

Our Corporate team are experts on a number of corporate transactions including the following:

· Corporate finance

· Venture capital

· Offshore company formation

· Tax advice and restructuring

· Mergers and acquisitions

· Joint ventures

· Enterprise Investment Scheme

· Corporate Governance

· Share option schemes

· Partnerships and LLPs

· Company Secretarial

Our approach to corporate work is always with the commercial realities of our clients in mind. We won’t just advise you on the law; instead we will arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions so you can achieve your business objectives in a cost effective, focussed and professional way.